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Talia Erdal is a cellist, singer and composer from Jerusalem, Israel.
Her musical career covers a wide range of styles.
From early music and classical cello repertoire to newly written pieces, folk, jazz, rock and free improvisation, Talia enjoyed a varied and colourfull career as a soloist and collaborator.



Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Talia is the former assistant principal cellist of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra (2017-2019), and principal cellist of the Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble.

Her repertoire as a cellist includes early music, classical cello repertoire, newly written pieces, folk, jazz, rock, world and free improvisations. Alongside these, Talia is active as a composer, arranger and singer, performing her own music in classical and non-classical venues and writing for theatre and dance.

She played as soloist with the Beer-Sheva Sinfinieta, Jerusalem Strings, Tel-Aviv Soloists Ensemble, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Jerusalem Street Orchestra, and the Mendi Rodan Symphony Orchestra of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Her performance of original music in the play „A Very Narrow Bridge“ (Chutzpah! Festival 2016, Vancouver, Canada) was nominated for a Jessie Richardson Award in the category “significant artistic achievement” and her performance of the piece "Channels" dedicated to her by Oleg Bogod won the Aviv Competitions 2015 in the category "performance of an Israeli piece".

Talia often participates in community-oriented projects such as “Mekudeshet” festival Jerusalem (“Dissovling Boundaries” journey) and the Jerusalem Street Orchestra.

Her playing was broadcasted on the German television, the BBC radio, and can often be heard at the Israeli classical radio station “Kol HaMusika”.



Collaborations and Programmes



How many sounds can two cellos and a human voice produce?
The Dutch-Israeli Zenith Duo is a refreshing new voice in the classical and ethnic music scene. Performing original compositions, folk tunes, baroque sonatas and music dedicated to them by modern composers, the duo takes the listener on a journey, exploring the diversity and beauty of the cello and the human voice.

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Think you know how a jazz band sounds like?
Dare to err, and listen to the song.

The German Jazz band stretches the genre's boundaries to every possible direction.

This band is an animal, growling, running, dancing, cuddling.

The panda is here.



In these days Talia is working on a new versatile solo programme of works for cello solo and voice.

stay tuned for more details


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